Is My Home Suitable?

There are three key points to consider regarding suitability:


Which way does your home face?

The direction that your house faces can affect the amount of sunlight which it sees. Any panels on your roof should face in a southern direction to receive the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day. Although the panels are most efficient when facing south they are still very efficient when east and west facing.


What is the angle of your roof?

The pitch or angle of your roof can make a difference to the amount of sunlight it will receive throughout the day and therefore the amount of energy that can be generated. Lightning Solutions cater to most roof types and your Solar Consultant can discuss your needs with you in detail.


How shaded is your roof?

Any shading on your roof area from chimneys, trees or surrounding properties will have a negative impact on the amount of energy your roof panels will be able to produce. Our consultants will work with you when planning the installation to avoid shading wherever possible.

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